Na co se musí dbát u přepravy léků, léčivých přípravků a doplňků stravy

Na co se musí dbát u přepravy léků, léčivých přípravků a doplňků stravy

Expiration of medicines and medical equipment

If you consume, for example, legumes whose minimum shelf life has exceeded the stated limit, let’s say one year, basically nothing will happen, at most it will e.g. make you bloated or cause other minor digestive problems. However, if you take a drug from a pharmacy that is a year out of date, it can seriously harm your health.

Special attention is paid to the expiration of medicines not only in hospitals, pharmacies and other healthcare complexes, but especially in logistics. It is one of the basic evaluation criteria in transport, which is meticulously taken care of. This procedure requires accurate registration of all products and this tends to be quite demanding due to the range of transported and stored items.

Supervision SÚKL

The State Office for the Control of Medicines (SÚKL) supervises compliance with legislative provisions relating to the storage and transport of medical equipment. What does it mainly concern?

The optimal storage and transport temperature – this is very different, for some preparations ordinary room temperature is sufficient, others must have a cooler environment between one and fifteen degrees Celsius, and some medicines are stored in freezer boxes.

Securing the premises from rodents, insects, bacteria and fungi – this is looked at very strictly, and appropriate extermination, disinfection and disinsection measures and interventions are carried out.

Cleanliness, order and overview – easy washability with liquid cleaning agents and an environment with low air humidity, where there is no risk of water contamination, are essential here.

Securing objects and vehicles against theft – without it, it would be impossible to run any logistics operations.

Department of dangerous materials and medicines – logistics must also take care of the security of some substances that are very dangerous and toxic, such as potassium cyanide, cytostatics, psychotropic drugs or sedatives.

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